Criminal Law

Criminal law is a type of law involved in punishing people for committing crimes against the state. Crimes against the state include many types of infractions of the law. In the US a criminal justice system is set up in order to rectify crimes and to ensure that they do not continue to happen. Criminal justice can be meted out with something as minor as a warning or fine to penalties as serious as the death penalty.

In the US, defendants suspected of committing some criminal act can either pay for a lawyer on their own or have a court-appointed public defender commissioned at the expense of the state. Do you need to find an expert criminal defense attorney?

Criminal charges may be filed against someone because of testimony given by another person or persons. Criminal charges may also be filed against someone with no testimony or accusation as well, usually initiated by some law enforcement department official.

The notion of “innocent until proven guilty” is the key component of the US Criminal Justice system. Therefore in criminal proceedings the burden is on the prosecutor to prove the crime occurred beyond a reasonable doubt . It is important, therefore, to retain legal counsel that has years of experienced in trying similar cases as yours. Criminal cases tend to be complex and highly complicated legal matters.

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